What is nuclear stress testing?

Your heart works all day, every day to help keep you alive and active. However, when problems occur with the heart, it is incredibly important to work with a medical team to get a proper diagnosis of issues that may impact one’s overall health and wellness. At Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute, we offer a wide selection of diagnostic tools and services to help patients maintain their heart health, including diagnostic tools such as cardiovascular nuclear stress testing.

What is a nuclear stress test?

The  nuclear stress test is a diagnostic tool used by the team at Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute to help diagnose damage in the heart and poor blood flow. It is done twice during one visit. The test starts with an injection of radioactive dye into the bloodstream. The doctor will then use an imaging machine to take a series of photos of the heart’s function. Then, patients may run on a treadmill to reach a higher heart rate to evaluate their hearts reaction to exertion. Another set of images are completed to evaluate the health and get a proper diagnosis of heart concerns.

What can a nuclear stress test diagnose?

Patients who have problems such as shortness of breath or chest pain often visit with a cardiovascular professional. These patients may have had other diagnostic services done that do not give a definitive answer for their problem. If nuclear stress testing is ordered, it may be done to diagnose conditions such as coronary artery disease. The images developed from this test can help in providing a proper diagnosis. Another reason why a patient may have this procedure performed is to compare the initial diagnostic results with the results achieved after treatments have been performed. This gives the doctor a chance to visualize the improvements made from the treatment option chosen by the patient.

Considering an evaluation of your heart?

Our cardiologists at Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute in Altamonte Springs, FL are committed to helping patients get a proper diagnosis of their condition to seek effective treatment for their heart health. If you are interested in undergoing diagnostic testing to further evaluation your medical health, contact our team today. We are located at 450 West Central Parkway and can be reached by phone at (407) 767-8554.

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