Coumadin Clinic

In our Anticoagulation Clinic, we provide meticulous oversight for patients requiring Coumadin, a medication used to prevent blood clotting. Our management approach involves regular blood tests and adjustments to medication dosages as needed.

Upon initiating Coumadin therapy, it is crucial to monitor its impact on your blood’s clotting ability consistently. At Birmingham Heart Clinic’s Anticoagulation Clinic, our skilled laboratory and clinical staff will customize your medication regimen under physician supervision. Additionally, we offer comprehensive counseling and education about your medical condition. International Normalized Ratio (INR) measurements, obtained through a quick and simple finger-stick method, yield immediate results, enabling prompt adjustments to Coumadin dosage. Data from each visit, including INR readings, patient assessment, and any regimen changes, are promptly communicated to your physician or referring provider.

Participation in our Outpatient Anticoagulation Programs has demonstrated enhanced precision in blood-thinning management. By enrolling in these programs, patients can anticipate improved outcomes, with fewer complications resulting from inadequate or excessive anticoagulation.

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