” Dear Dr. Ranadive, most doctors I’ve seen in the past, keep an invisible wall between them and I. Which brings up the subject of credibility? With you its pure warmth and respect. Your knowledge of cardiology is intensified with the different specialties of medicine you bring into the equation. You truly are unique! As you know I’ve recommended several of my friends who likewise think favorably of you. I personally thank you for being my friend and doctor.”

-Bill F.

“Dr Greenberg is the type of doctor that a patient can relate to. A doctor that a patient can trust that he will do the right and keep you healthy providing that you listen to him.”


-Victor T.

“Really like this place, everyone there are super nice and helpful and Dr. Weinstock is awesome. They are all caring.”


-Tony K.

“The best in the state of Florida.”

-Angel R.

“I shall forever be grateful to you and thankful to you, Dr. Ranadive. Many blessings to you always.”


-Gwen T.

“I came to Dr. Barry Weinstock complaining of unusual tiredness and general fatigue, along with pain in my shoulders and back.  After undergoing a few tests, including a nuclear stress test, Dr. Weinstock correctly diagnosed my problem and immediately scheduled me for heart stent surgery.  During the procedure, Dr. Weinstock discovered that I had 100% blockage in my left descending artery (a/k/a “the widow maker”).  Instead of sending me directly to open heart surgery, which most cardiologists would do with 100% blockage, Dr. Weinstock instead spent the extra time and miraculously found a way to insert 2 stents in my artery.  Dr. Weinstock literally saved my life in two ways: first by opening my blocked artery; and second, by performing the stent procedure himself rather than sending me to open heart surgery, which would have required a lengthy recovery time and kept me out of work for several months.  As a self-employed businessman, this would have been financially disastrous for me and my family.  Since the procedure, I have enjoyed a full and healthy life and feel great, with no residual problems.  Dr. Weinstock is absolutely the best doctor that I have ever had.  I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Weinstock to anyone who needs a cardiologist.  He not only is a brilliant surgeon, but a thoughtful and considerate man with a wonderful bedside manner.  He is fantastic!”

-Michael M.

“Dr. Ranadive has been my cardiologist for over 10 years. His expertise in his field is phenomenal. He honestly cares about his patients. His office staff is very friendly and the clinical supervisor, Heather Boone, has always been professional and efficient in handling any questions I might have.”

-John R.

“I met Dr. Ranadive over 22 years ago while laying in a hospital bed wondering what my future would be and if I even had a future. Well to make a long story short, he saved my life. He is the most caring and professional doctor I have ever met and am very proud to be able to say that he is not only my cardiologist but a great friend. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a trusted and knowledgeable cardiologist that really cares about your health. He is the best there is!!!!”

-Michael J.

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