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One of the most common implants used for heart health in patients today is the pacemaker. The team of Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute describe the pacemaker as an implanted device that is used to regulate the heartbeat. The device is placed under the patient’s skin and is connected to the heart via leads, or wires. Our pacemakers include the defibrillator option. If the pacemaker detects a patient’s heart rate has been slowed or has gone out of rhythm, the pacemaker defibrillator will shock the heart to bring it back into rhythm or speed it up as needed.

Do I need a pacemaker?

Patients who have slow or irregular heartbeats may benefit from the placement of a pacemaker. Patients who may need to have an implant will often complain of symptoms such as fatigue, fainting, lightheadedness or shortness of breath. This is because the heart is not pumping adequate nutrients and oxygen through the body to keep it functioning at its best.

How long does a pacemaker last?

Because the pacemaker is battery-operated and cannot be charged, it is important that patients maintain follow-up appointments with their cardiologist to ensure that it is functioning properly. In most cases, patients can expect their pacemaker to last approximately 7-10 years, after which a minor surgical procedure is performed for replacement.

For some patients, especially those with a history of severe ventricular arrhythmias, the pacemaker defibrillator device can be life-saving and extend their lifespan dramatically. Patients with pacemakers can enjoy a better quality of life and be freed from the symptoms of their condition.

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