What Is an Echocardiogram and How Is It Used at the Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute?

When patients have concerns regarding their heart, they need to work directly with a team of specialists who are experts in this area. At Orlando Health and Vascular Institute, Altamonte Springs, FL area men and women can receive the care they need. In many cases, a test using an echocardiogram may be used as a diagnostic tool.

What is an echocardiogram?

Our team describes an echocardiogram as an ultrasound device that is used to take pictures of the heart. Also known as an echo, this test is used to diagnose conditions that are impacting the health and/or function of a patient’s heart. It can take pictures of the heart’s valves, walls, and chambers, as well as the blood vessels attached to the heart. A special probe device is passed over the chest, and the ultrasound waves bounce off the heart and back to the probe to create a photo that can be immediately viewed on a computer monitor.

Why might I need an echocardiogram?

Echocardiograms are wonderful diagnostic tools that a doctor can use to view the heart structures without having to perform surgery. It can be used in evaluating the function, strength, and movement of the heart. These pictures are also useful in determining if there are growth or valve problems around the heart area that may need treatment. This tool is invaluable and can be used in diagnosing a variety of problems with one test.

What should I expect during my echocardiogram?

Patients lie on a table in the treatment room while a technician places a variety of small, metal electrodes on the chest. These electrodes hood to an electrocardiograph machine to keep track of the heartbeat throughout the diagnostic testing. The room is darkened for better visibility of the photographs, and a gel is placed on the chest to help the ultrasound pass through the skin. The probe is passed across the chest to create pictures for the doctor to use in diagnosing a myriad of heart and valve issues that may be present and require treatment or further evaluation.

Are you ready to learn more about heart healthy care?

Contact the Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute of Altamonte Springs, FL to learn more about the diagnostic tools used to check the health of the heart and body. Call the office at (407) 767-8554 to schedule your evaluation, and work with our team of doctors with years of combined experience.

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