Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac rehab is designed for patients with heart disease in order to provide an educational exercise program for the patients and help them on the path to recovery. This is especially important after having had suffered a heart attack, or after procedures such as cardiac intervention and coronary artery bypass surgery.

There are usually three parts to a cardiac rehabilitation program. First part , or phase 1, starts with the patient still in the hospital, and is geared towards in-patient care. A multi-disciplinay team of cardiovascular specialists including nurses, physiologists , physicians, social worker and nutritionists help patients return to a normal level of function and activity. This usually consists of a low level exercise program, with a great emphasis on disease education for both patients and family members. Phase 2 cardiac rehab consists of a monitored outpatient supervised program a few times a week, with the goal of returning patient back to a normal level of activity in a controlled setting. Lifestyle changes , nutrition , strength training and mental wellness are emphasized. Phase 3 of the cardiac rehab program is designed to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle with some degree of supervision and oversight.

Most insurance companies including medicare, cover cardiac rehabilitation programs for patients with heart disease. Ask your doctor or healthcare professional for more information.


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