Referring Physicians

Referring Physicians – Due to the complex nature of cardiovascular disease, treatment requires a team approach.  OHVI prides itself in partnering with the patient’s primary care physicians to develop a comprehensive plan that includes prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

  • Same Day Appointments – We understand the importance of timely evaluation for cardiac symptoms.  As such, we offer same day appointments and are always available to see your patients in the emergency room as well as the outpatient and inpatient settings at local hospitals.
  • Second Opinions – A second opinion is the best way to ensure the appropriate treatment plan for your patient.  We welcome the opportunity to give your patients the benefits of our expertise.  Contact us to arrange a consultation with the physician of your choice.
  • Pre-Op Clearance – OHVI knows that a thorough cardiac evaluation is an integral part of the pre-op process.  Major complications associated with surgery include cardiac death, MI, CHF, and arrhythmias.  Our goal is to discover and treat undiagnosed, unstable cardiac disease and ensure optimal treatment of known disease in order to minimize any cardiac complications.  Call our office.
  • Technology –We believe the primary care physician is at the epicenter of the patient’s health and as such it is imperative that we communicate quickly and accurately regarding a treatment plan.  OHVI is on the cutting edge of technology with a fully implemented EMR that allows us to communicate with the patient’s healthcare team through CCR documents, immediate access to real-time visit notes, and secure email for the transfer of documents.

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