What Is Endopat Testing?

At Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute, we want to help our patients lead healthy, normal lives. We provide diagnostic services to monitor the heart for heart disease and other conditions that may negatively impact one’s overall health. With a wide range of diagnostic tools, patients can rest easy knowing that their conditions can be diagnosed and monitored with today’s advanced technologies. One device used for testing is that of the EndoPAT diagnostic device.

What is EndoPAT testing?

The EndoPAT diagnostic device is used for evaluating both small and large arteries to detect the earliest stages of cardiovascular diseases. Physicians can use this FDA-cleared device to evaluate the level of endothelial function. Many conditions can be recognized with the EndoPAT device to enable physicians to measure endothelial dysfunction and identify these cases early enough for successful intervention. The EndoPAT device measures the changes in pressure that may indicate changes in the arterial blood volume, resulting in the development of a value known as an EndoScore. The EndoScore allows the doctor to monitor the condition over time to see if it improves or worsens.

How long does EndoPAT testing take?

Most patients who visit the practice for EndoPAT diagnostic testing will find that their visit will last 15 minutes or less.

What can a doctor determine from the EndoScore?

The EndoScore allows the doctor to have a number assigned to the stages of endothelial dysfunction. With each test, the physician can monitor whether treatments have improved the condition, and if so, by how much. This score can also help determine the risk factors that also predict conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. Diagnostic tools such as this are proven to be accurate and effective at diagnosing endothelial dysfunction.

Learn more about EndoPAT diagnostic devices

If you reside in the area of Altamonte Springs, FL and want to speak to a professional about the benefits of EndoPAT diagnostic testing, we welcome you to book an appointment at the Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute. The practice is located at 450 West Central Parkway and can be reached at (407) 767-8554.

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