What is cardiac catherization?

Cardiac catherization At Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute of Altamonte Springs, FL, patients in the community are encouraged to visit the team for diagnostics. Our practice is equipped with the latest technologies to diagnose heart health concerns, including cardiac catheterization.

What is cardiac catherization?

The team at Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute describes cardiac catheterization as a diagnostic procedure. The procedure is done to check the heart and ensure it is functioning properly. During this procedure, the cardiovascular professional will insert a thin tube known as a catheter into the blood vessels to reach the heart and evaluate it for any defects or conditions that may impact its function and health.

Why would a patient have a cardiac catherization performed?

In most cases, this procedure is performed to evaluate the heart if there are medical concerns. The cardiac catheterization may also be used alongside other diagnostic tools such as coronary angiography, a biopsy, or a percutaneous coronary intervention (stenting of certain segments of the heart). The catheter allows the doctor to evaluate the chambers, look for defects in the chambers or valves, or take samples of the blood in the heart to check oxygen content. By combining other diagnostic treatments with the cardiac catheterization, the doctor can get a full picture of a patient’s heart functionality and provide a proper diagnosis of their condition. With a diagnosis, patients can discuss their possible treatment options with our professionals.

Is this diagnostic procedure painful?

The idea of having a catheter placed in the blood vessels and guided to the heart sounds like a scary procedure. However, our team can perform this with proper sedation and anesthetics to ensure patients are comfortable throughout the process. Patients are also given aftercare instructions to follow while they wait for the results of their diagnostic testing.

Discuss diagnostic solutions with the team at Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute

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