How Nuclear Stress Testing Can Provide Vital Information for Doctors Regarding Heart Health

When patients are experience heart issues or are interested in evaluating their heart’s efficiency, a doctor at the Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute may recommend a diagnostic procedure known as the nuclear stress test. Patients in and around the area of Altamonte Springs, FL can speak to our team to discuss this testing method and learn more about how it can be used to provide vital information regarding one’s heart health.

What is nuclear stress testing?

Our doctors describe nuclear stress testing as an imaging process that can show how well blood flows into the heart muscle with the use of radioactive material. It is commonly used in determining how well a patient’s heart is functioning and to spot health problems. It is an in-office procedure that can be extremely informative for doctors and is commonly used as a diagnostic tool.

What is the process of nuclear stress testing?

A nuclear stress test begins with an IV that administers radioactive substances into the blood. Doctors often use sestamibi or thallium. Patients rest for up to 45 minutes while a specialized camera is used to scan the heart and create images of how these substances travel through the blood and through the heart.

Then, patients are asked to pedal on a recumbent bike or walk on a treadmill. Patients who have trouble with movement such as this may be given a special medication that can dilate the heart arteries and allow for better flow of blood. Again, as the patient’s heart is working hard, another injection is done and imaging is performed.

The images provided show the way in which blood flows to and from the heart during both rest and activity, offering doctors critical information to determine how healthy the heart is and to diagnose certain conditions that may be improved with treatment.

Learn more about the nuclear stress test as a diagnostic tool

At the Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute, patients in the community of Altamonte Springs, FL who are interested in improving their heart health may be advised to undergo nuclear stress testing. If you are interested in discussing this diagnostic procedure with our doctors, you can schedule a consultation by calling our front office at (407) 767-8554. We are conveniently located at 450 West Central Parkway and welcome new patients into our practice.

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