How does nuclear stress testing work for the diagnosis of heart conditions?

Getting a proper diagnosis is the first step in learning more about certain medical conditions and how to treat them. At the Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute of Altamonte Springs, FL, our doctors are here to help. We offer some of the most advanced technologies to ensure precision diagnosis and effective evaluation of patients with certain conditions seeking a solution to their problems. Our diagnostic tools ensure patients get a better understanding of their medical concerns while working with an experienced provider to determine the most appropriate treatment options. One of the tests we use in our facility to diagnose heart issues is that of nuclear stress testing.

What is nuclear stress testing?

There are many different types of stress testing in addiction to nuclear stress testing, including exercise stress tests and stress echocardiograms. Nuclear stress testing is a specialized test that starts with the use of a unique dye that can show up on x-rays and other imaging devices to simulate physical stress on the heart. Our doctors will obtain images of the heart both at rest and under this simulated stress to determine the heart’s functionality. It can help our team determine the heart’s natural response to exercises and decide if it is safe for patients to participate in certain physical activities that may cause patients shortness of breath, pain, or other problems. Evaluating the heart with nuclear stress testing can offer our doctors the ability to obtain valuable information that can be used to offer a proper diagnosis of many medical conditions impacting the heart.

How do I prepare for nuclear stress testing?

Prior to undergoing this diagnostic procedure, the team at Orlando Heart and Vascular Institute will provide specific instructions beforehand to ensure the best diagnosis. This may include instructions to cease certain medications, avoid eating or drinking before the appointment, and to avoid wearing lotions or creams on the chest area, which can affect the sensors applied to the chest during some stress tests.

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