Healthy Ways to Take Care of Your Heart This Summer

Have you been trying to take care of yourself all winter, but now you’re faced with summer parties, barbeques, and all the bad foods that come along with them? Unfortunately we don’t have a magic wand to magic those temptations away. But, we can give you some tips to keep yourself healthy, and encourage better cardiovascular health during the most fun time of the year. Keep reading to learn more.

Snack Healthy

Learn to find the best nut and dried fruit mixes that you enjoy. It’s hard to eat good when you don’t love healthy food. But that candy bar isn’t doing anything for you, and deli meats are not much better than those! Training yourself to enjoy healthy snacks can literally change your life.

Try to Be Good, At Least Once A Day

At the beginning of your transition to a healthier lifestyle, it may seem that everything you love is now off limits. But, try to change your thinking and understand that whole foods actually feed your body better, and will give you a longer life. Still, it can be hard to learn new recipes and it can be exhausting. Set yourself up for success by committing to a goal of eating healthier in a month or so, and transition to that healthier lifestyle bit by bit. You’ll quickly realize that burgers make you feel heavy and sluggish, while salads can be more filling than you think (just add healthy fats).

Prepare for Temptation

If you know you’re going to a barbeque and there will be beer, meat, and greasy foods, you may be tempted to stay home. And, we wouldn’t blame you. But, eventually you will want to go out. So, bring along something healthy so you have a good option to fill up on, rather than something you’ll regret later.

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