Exercises for Heart Health

When it comes to our hearts, we know it’s important to take preventative measures to keep them in good health. Like many issues, it’s so much easier to prevent than treat. So, when it comes to our heart health, we need to relearn how to eat and how to exercise. If you don’t think you have time for exercise, you need to reexamine your priorities! Do you have time to be sick or ill later on in life? We don’t think so. Keep reading to learn about some exercises you can do to keep your heart in great order.


You might think of those cheesy 80’s exercise-at-home videos, but aerobic exercises are crucial to your heart health. These exercises help circulation, which results in lowered blood pressure and heart rate. They also help your heart, and how well it pumps. It’s great to consider for those who are diabetic or who have higher chances or developing diabetes. Aerobic exercise can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and helps you control your blood glucose if you are already managing diabetes.

Resistance Training

Resistance, or strength, training is great for your heart in a more holistic way. It helps us stay lean and lower the amount of fat we carry around. If you have a big belly, for example, that’s a risk factor for developing heart disease. Get rid of the gut, lower your risk. A combination of aerobic exercise and resistance work may help raise HDL cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol, which is exactly what we want.


Sure, stretching might feel good before a workout, but it can actually help your heart health in a roundabout way. Stretching can help you get through your workouts more safely by being flexible and avoiding cramping. If you can’t get through your aerobic workout, then you can’t benefit from it! Try yoga or pilates to improve your flexibility and keep lean.

If you’re ready to take back your health, we can help get you on the right track. Give us a call at 407-767-8554 to schedule a consultation about your heart health and what you can do to improve it.

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